Friday, November 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle again!!

I will be back (finally)at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market this saturday nov 8th. Joining me is my crafty compadre Blue mama....yay!!!***I am gonna give a little preview~ lots of photos little words(hopefully)***

~Size 7 super cute sporty panties (I have several pairs of undies)

~all the materials for this apron (except the thread ) were recycled

~Same(all recycled materials ) for this cute toteI love the woven piece I used for the strap
And the bouquet of vintage buttons on the front pocket

...and also on that pocket, a the little doggy train (not that kind of doggy train)

~I have two little chick aprons this half apron on sky blue tiny chord
and a full chic Apron not shown

~I will have a fresh crop of Raglan style t-shirts with cap sleeves... and also 3/4 length sleeves.Ranging in size and color combos(besides freddy kruger)~I have my Market style pocket skirts in 4 sizes and in tweeds and cuteypie chords

~I also have lots of pincushions
and other little surprises!
The weather is supposed to be perfect in Austin on Saturday! 82 and not a cloud in the sky. The best weather possible for an open air market; we are spoiled( 3 months out of 12), so let's enjoy it!

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Laura said...

I wish I could be there to snatch up more wonderful goodies! I am LOOOOVING my new shirt you just sent me!!! Just in time for (long time overdue) date night tomorrow night! ooo-lala chachacha! super dooper cleavage, meow! and i love that you girled up one of merle's old Ts, so special! saylor loved it too and i taught him the word "tailgate" from tailgator which he thought was soooo silly. thank you so much you lovely lady!!! xoxo