Friday, November 7, 2008

Inspiration....Bonnie Cashin

I Looked up Bonnie Cashin today after seeing her coat in the latest 'Country Living'. She was an incredible talent, and smart as they come. I Love her attitude and spunk not to mention her incredible visionary outlook on life and fashion.

'Of her copyists, she shrugged off as much of the frustration as she could, realizing “the moment you think an idea, it is no longer yours exclusively,” and declaring “let them be copyists – let us be better.

Bonnie Cashin, Vogue cover, 1927
Cashin deliberately secured purse to skirt, blending common-sense utility and security. No mugger would be able to steal this purse!

Cashin’s oft-stated credo, "chic is where you find it," summed up her belief that a “habit of wonder” and an ability to see relationships between objects and ideas far removed from the fashion world were vital tools for the generative designer. Rather than look at fashion history, she was apt to cite the rhythm of poetry, a new mathematical theorem, or a bird’s nest as inspiration. That Cashin avoided gimmickry, and instead imaginatively translated these unrelated source materials into decades of consistent, connected, and highly functional garments, is a testament to her belief that the enthusiastic pursuit of individuality is always timeless.'

Creative Director, The Bonnie Cashin Foundation

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