Saturday, November 22, 2008

Custom Chic and a New Market Spot

~Another Saturday another day at the Farmers Market. It was a bit nippy out there as you can see Blue Mama is lookin' a a wee bit frozen here. We moved to the other aisle which was a first on that side for me... and I am really feeling it, I think my partner is too(are you feeling it girl?)
Anyway it was a particularly bubbly day for me..not quite sure why. Maybe it was blue mama's new men's shaving soap(lalalalove these)!
I am feeling particularly snuggly about this new custom apron I made.~I lost my little chic pattern I had been previously using so this is a tweaked chic. ~This chic is made from some vintage quilted pieces I have hoarded for quite some time.

~I used a little of the leftovers on the pocket to make a flower
This is really my first holiday season as a maker selling made stuff, so maybe that is what is sew exciting and fun...I love how personal people get when they are buying gifts; I love being part of a special gift! (I am a dork, I know cali-trans) oh well tootaloo


julia said...

i love my dork!

Laura said...

love my sister and her dork! i love that her dork and she are friends! i love this apron and i have some $ burning a hole in my pocket...hmmm?

Blue Mama said...

I have no idea what Julia and Laura are talking about but.... ;)

I loved our new spot even though my lack of sales bummed me out all day. Oh, well--there's always next week.

I think everything looked great and I had a fun time. I was actually dressed appropriately for once!!!

Next week may be my last (until the new year at least) b/c I have to do a bunch of skincare stuff. :(

But I am having a blast and love that we are doing this together right now! xoxoxooxox

Anonymous said...

that apron is awesome! Loooove the chick on it.