Thursday, November 6, 2008

Randy Rogers my latest country choice

My new favorite country album is Randy Rogers latest self titled offering.

Although this may make most never even give this album a try I have to say That the Track " one woman" sends me back somewhere between Alabama's "feels so right" and Bryan Adams' "straight from the heart" ~Very very slow dances in my middle school gym hoping one of the "Brents" would ask me to dance. Now you know how old I am and what an awkward tween I was.
Anyway I think my taste is a little more discerning as a full grown woman and this album is great.

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Candance said...

I LOVE Randy Rogers!!

And, when I used to do radio news I had a drunk man who would call every Friday morning and request "When We Make Love"-for me. We had not ever made love, so that was odd.