Sunday, November 16, 2008

Somewhere down in Texas, missed posts

So much has been happening and I have lots of it on my camera So here is a mixed up summary

I Sent this sweet little rodeo gal skirt to A Crazy Texas Mommy

~Texas Yard art at the natural gardener

~lots and lots of pumpkin bread( when burger actually likes something we stick with )

~and chili

~Basil went to seed so I pulled all the plants and made pesto using Giada's recipe
San Antonio zoo trip for burger's birthday

A night at the river walk

~ and of course the reason we went to the zoo....L'fant...and an emu

We saw some sleepy gators

and very sleepy kangaroos(I hope they were only sleeping)
~Lots of painting,

drawing and ...even some printing
Daddy has been working so hard on his screens for his guerrilla screen printing class
with Kathleen Mctee

~first crotchet lesson
~and of course sewing

finding Fun fabric

to make fun stuff with! Custom marker pouch for a 6 year old sweet heart
At the Farmers market getting back into the groove with Blue mama
(Our lovely gal pal over at Sweet tooth crafts supplied this picture that actually included both of us !!thanks )

A very windy day called for drastic precautions(hangers wired to rack)

~Blue mama's favorite display~new rosey skull lady apron gone by noon

~And a bunch of little sweet things


Anonymous said...

Hey Belle,

Love the pictures.

It's odd, the one of Jen taken at the market with you reminded me of my daughter Molly. I had never noticed a similarity before.

You said over on my blog your birthday is next month and you will be 35. Did you mean 35? You look so young. What day is your birthday?

Anonymous said...

WOW! that's a heck of a catch up post. The skirt at the very beginning is awesome! Then again, I love all the clothing you make. The pictures of your little boy are to cute, especially the one of him passed out with the skull tattoo.