Friday, March 30, 2012

Market peeks for this week!!!

~belle and burger will be at the Barton Creek Farmers market with loads of cute springy things!!!! The market is bursting from 9-1
I am also thrilled to be sporting fresh red hair and toes!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

spring; what it brings

~ Poppies in Austin.... ANd loads of other wild flowers
~Ataulfo Mangos along with sticky rice ....yummmmmmmmmm
~ This Brussels sprouts recipe!!
This is my food crack sold at a local trailer and I have been trying to recreate it for months!! I didn't not even know that the chef who started these trailers won Top Chef,Texas!!! DUH
~ the market ...we have finally returned ; I am planning to be there every weekend till it hits 100! ( as long as I have stock !! so at least every other week)

~ lots of short sleeves, skirts and dress inspirations being made for the many warm months approaching central Texas!!One of the best parts of living here is getting creative with wearing as little as possible!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The fire I can't put out

~ i have been told often that I have a lot of heat and fire in me...."yes,i can totally see that"I say , and think "damn i better do something to fix that". Usually this heartfelt information is followed by advice(good advice) on how to cool my jets a bit. Things to eat and not eat , breathing techniques and types of exercise to practice. Having suffered from migraines all my life I am completely aware of the sensation of over heating. These headaches are said to be directly related to my fire burning out of control. I have had great success in the past 5 years with following said advice and reaping great benefits; however I was a following a tad blindly....

~I guess really I just wanted to share a revelation about this fire within me (with me for ....when I forget) That today, in between a breath... I realized that I should not try to put out the fire to control it. I should not even look upon it with fear and dread that I often do.You see I kinda forget about the fire when it is being all stoked and proper. It is only when I have a few months of migraines or flashes of heat and anger that I remember it and try to whip it into shape. But today ~I know~ that this fire is Mine to control or loose control of it me; and yes sometimes the flames do whip up and burn me and others ....sorry 'bout that.
It is my gift and my connection~ only when it is lit in self-possession

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do the mess around

~ hello! I am learning to post via phone.... This is test.... Daddy and burger made dinner and I made some new shirts! I am loving these tiny lil' cap sleeves! Happy lil Friday y'all !!!