Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Did I mention I heart pockets right now? or How I fell down on my sunday etsy listing...

Excuses in the order they occured:
1.memorial day fun fun fun at deep eddy with my cali transplants

2.nasty nasty serger bufoonery this is the book that helped me after a full day of work time(and 2evenings)spent trying everything!! The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide.
And then I started making pockets and patches and I was so excited I could not force myself to get on the machine that talks back(my mac; he is my friend though)

this is a pocket for a custom skirt,
this is the smock for a new apron
sew(hehehe) I am working but I probably won't update etsy until early next week!

Here is one more series of memorial day pix "The Chip"

contemplation... offering...

Hey D.C. next year you and yours will be in these photos!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It is HOT in Texas

"Oh I miss the summer"! I vaguely remember (through the hot hazy humidity in my brain)how I pined for the oh so hot days where we splash merrily about in the cold spring waters of deep eddy... I forgot about the miserable car ride to get there( which we have not brought ourselves to make with gas at 3.86 a gal here) and the fact that if you don't get outside before 10:00 you can forget about doing any yard work or playing with anything but the hose. I also conveniently forgot about the vicious army of mosquitoes that set up camp on our street 9-10 months out of the year.( really)

However I am beginning to remember delicious capresse salad made from my own organic tomatoes, and sweet icebox pickles that dondacinda makes us from our loads and loads of cukes! We have beautiful plants that we started from seeds.


Tomatoes (These are brandy wine tomato leaves, they are huge!)Cucumbers,
broccoli( which we had for dinner tonight!)
bush beans(we already have enough beans for dinner later this week!),

squash(i have a great recipe for squash flower soup I will share in a few weeks)
yumyum squash flowers

peppers,and soon okra and sunflowers. Oh and of course basil( i must have lots of basil)

this is our beautiful dill plant that is flowering now ( my sweet neighbor gave me seeds at the end of last summer)
Needless to say the summer garden prospects are making me very happy

We are also discovering how wonderful it is to get really really dirty with our finger paints and then hose ourselves down for a long while till we are too tired to walk too the house.
(precursor to naptime)burger is getting very,very,tired eyes(love those tired eyes)

pretty pretty burger pictures, we call the finger paints yellow( all of them or maybe he means the act of finger painting not sure)

finger painted mama

Daddy found a family and pet safe insect yard repellent(cedarcide) that seems to work as long as there is no rain. We got a 10# bag at the natural gardener for $15 that covered our entire back yard( its is pretty big). I put it out in the morning then a few hours later went out with no spray and got no bites(this is unheard of w/o some sort of spray). Unfortuntely it rained that evening and the rain rendered the granules ineffective. Luckily it does not rain in central Texas during the summer very often. So we will rebroadcast the stuff and update you on it's effectiveness.
Bring it on texas summer we are ready(i hope) for you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New on my etsy aprons and bags

So i am trying to post new items on etsy on Sundays. This way they have a little time online before they are up for grabs at the Farmers Market
this is my spokesman
I am working on having some " only on etsy" items but for now that is the farmers Market privilege(I sell things a the market before I have a chance to post on etsy). Items at the market are also 25% less than he items on etsy to cover my time it takes to post and the cost of using etsy.

******************Here are a few new things***************

Little chick apron! So sweet, with dark green and light green gingham skirt and recycled vintage smock. The smock has a pattern of old timey weather veins that are too cute. The pocket is a patchwork of some really sweet swatches with two vintage plastic accent (non functional) buttons. The neck strap is a button closure that also has vintage plastic buttons. The waist strap is sturdy and dark green. This apron would fit up to a 14 comfortably.

Pretty pink fishing on the pond apron. I so heart this apron! The skirt is from a 1960’s bed sheet and the smock is a new green polka dot with a patch from a vintage tablecloth of two fellas fishing on a pond! The patchwork pocket includes the barn from the same “ farm” themed tablecloth. All pockets are fully lined. The neck strap is the same 1960’s bed sheet material and is a tie closure. The waist strap is sturdy, yellow, new, sportswear cotton. That coordinates perfectly with the yellow flowers on the skirt fabric. This apron would fit up to a 14 comfortably.
I also finished these two pieces this elephant bag;
Elephant project/shop tote. This bag measures 12x16. The patch is a combination of vintage fabric and an elephant image from a safari sheet set. The elephant looks as if it is a wood block print. There is an interior pocket perfect for a cell or ipod . The handle is green fat corduroy with strip of fabric sewn on the handles at the point where you grasp.

and this market skirt in cool tones;
Cool tones vintage fabric skirt size med to large (8-10). A-line, market skirt with some fabulous new (to me) vintage fabric. The front and back are two different fabrics. The front is the prettiest little flowers in circles and the back is polka flowers on a dusty blue background. The pocket is fully lined patchwork of coordinating fabrics. All in cool tones. Hits just above the knee and has an elastic waist.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A week with the family...lots of photos

As you may already know my mama and sis came to see us this past week and we had a wonderful visit! We ran all all over town and exhausted poor burger out( especially after a long after noon at the Callahans general store)

I posted about mama's birthday at Hill's. We have her drinking beer! Lone Star beer (with lime)????!!!!!
We went to storytime with singing Stacy at Family connections on Friday ; very fun .

We had lunch on south congress at Docs, they have an awesome patio and the weather was perfect.They are very BF friendly and kid friendly. They had a great kids basket that was chicken fried steak fingers served with cream gravy and fries. YUM YUM( this was better than anything else)

We had dinner on Friday at Casa Maria's, they have Mariachis on Fridays and Burger just loves it!They also have fajitas for two that really feeds about four. I also must say that many days we just stop by their amazing bakery for a "little" something sweet.
On Sunday we took the ladies to the Natural Gardener to see their beautiful gardens and the let burger see the animals.

It was only his second ride in the little red wagon but he rode like a pro!!!!
(and check out his new kicks that nanny got him.. OK obviously I picked the color)