Thursday, April 26, 2012

The mommy in Me

Recently I was lucky enough to be interviewed for and up and coming article in The Austin American Statesman that is about mums who blog and do biznass here in Austin. After the interview I  had time to really think on the   interviewer's are some of those thoughts...

Here are a few more  thoughts on how I think the  blog and working in the  home really shaped my understanding of who I am as a Mother.

~First I will say that in KG's family, (of whom I mentioned falling for immediately), the mum's generally stayed home and practiced the art of making a home. Before KG and I even started trying to have our own lil monster,  I had professed my love and desire to be a stay at home mum. However for that to work we knew that eventually I would need to find a way to make a little bit of money from home and make staying at home help save us money.

Now these days, My yoga instructor often says "don't make a picture, feel your asana the posture"I can use that metaphor looking back now right Before and during the pregnancy, I definitely had a picture of "mother"I was to be(not so consciously I suppose). That pictured melted away as I nursed in the bed and gazed at that perfect little Gordon nose for hours; I felt terrified but completely new. I realize now,  none of the pictures were of me and him.

belle and burger started as a way for me to visualize us and me as a Mother. He was the perfect child for me and I was the perfect mother for him in just the everyday-ness of it. Without Him there would be no belle and burger; Burger inspires me, disciplines me and forces me to focus and make choices about what is important for myself and my family. I feel like my child has helped to tame and calm me. He gives me unbounded confidence and humbles my sometimes quite cynical view; giving me soft eyes. Being his mum makes me more aware of who me is. Through the blog I can share the fruits of our connection with others and as a ongoing interactive record for my family

Answering these questions  really stirred me and reminded me how truly blessed i am and for that I thank you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

walks and windows


~with the weather so perfect we have been parading about the hood quite a bit.....from burgers school to all the creek entrances and just generally  enjoying all the loveliness that is springtime in central Texas!!!i hart it all!!!!!!
some peeks at what we are doing...
*I got my orchid to bloom for a second year!!
* my lover gave me the most loveliest of tea ritual sets and sweet tulips to celebrate 7 years of itchy bliss...
*yummy granola recipe to be shared soon
*tiny magnolias proving that the drought did not quite kill the trees...yet
*sweet intsy toad tadpoles we are gonna try to keep living....
*garden in pots in front of my truck
* dogs in wild flowers

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making aprons!!!!

~I have been having fun making aprons lately. All if these use re-purposed fabrics! The full apron is a version of of my favorite vintage apron. I have made quite a few aprons from the pattern I drew off that apron. The collar and the ruffled hem are my favorite parts of the design.

I actually made two of this one I call the prairie apron, and I needed one for me and one for the market. The pocket was made from a vintage embroidered table runner that had a stain in the enter. I tried to make the pocket extra big and sac like so that u might use it to harvest from a small garden.

This other chic apron is a new pattern I designed, I just love the gather with the wide waist band. Eventually I want to make an apron styled skirt and or dress starting with this pattern....stay tuned! You can check these out in my online shop or come see me at the farmers market this weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

REstock of re~Vamped Tshirts

~howdy....I just restocked the online shop with these SWEET re~ignited Tshirts......check them out!! They are perfect for the lovely weather of spring and summer!! NOt to mention their low-enviromental-impact-attractiveness ...... happy humpty hump day

Friday, April 6, 2012

wrap It up ...At the market this week

~This Easter weekend, at the Market I will have several new wrap skirts and aprons . As well as a boatload of cute Re~vamped T-shirts. The top PHOTO up there is a half apron I am completely enamored with....The prairie apron!! Hope to see you guys out there!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Give your Tshirt some sass~no sew tutorial

MY absolute favorite T~shirt fix is just a half smile snip away!!!! It is super simple and make so many boxy unflattering T~shirts instantly wearable!!Sometimes this is all a shirt needs! I love this finish on a shirt because I have a very straight waist hip line and it gives the illusion of a smaller waist and bigger hips( I pine for bigger hips and arse).

boxy unflattering T~shirt
sharp shears/scissors
chalk or fabric marker
No fray spray or similar(optional)


1. Fold shirt in half taking time to make sure the halves line up at all seams

2. Measure the 3"s up on the side seams of shirt and mark if u like with chalk if or pencil(something washable). Then draw a half smile from mark gently sloping to the top of the hem at the center bottom of shirt

4. Apply fray check or no fray spray to the inside seams with no-fray spray where u cut the bottom...This is optional I usually either do nothing or do a quick stitch by hand or machine when and if it starts to come apart.