Wednesday, June 13, 2012

jersey Re~vamped

~I picked this super well loved jersey from the thrift not knowing exactly how I was gonna keep all the things I loved about it while turning it into something sassy and wearable. This could easily have been turned into one of the usual raglan style re~T's that I dig making. The problem with that was  I was completely in love with the vintage V neck and the jersey style yoke at the top of the shirt, and I would have to chop that off to accommodate my usual pattern. In addition to wanting to keep some of the cool yoke I wanted to maximize the length hopefully even add a little. I have found that when I add the raglan sleeves I can actually lengthen a shirt by a few inches (something to make good use of). So I made the sleeves a little longer in the neck and made them outta jersey knit for extra stretch! I am thrilled with all the results of my solutions! I am also a little bubbled over by the name BOB on the back....might be a keeper.

Friday, June 8, 2012

photo shoot with Annick



~ So a sweet shiny friend of mine but a wee fire under my tush recently to let her do a photo shoot of my clothes on hawt babes. Of course I was a nervous Nelly about the whole thing. For who knows why? because it was  super fun and wondrous ...magical really!! These are just a handful of raw images but I was soooo excited to share!!!!Hoping to put together a look book soon!! Also the available items will be posted in the shop soon or you can contact me if you see something you just gotta get!!

clothing; belle and burger
photography; Annick Masseteau
make-up; Sara Barrera
 models; Laura Berkebile
              Callan Muckleroy
              Sara Barrera

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Schools out forever....

It's crazy this was our first year of summer before was just regular ole summer
But SUMMER BREAK has totally taken control of OUR LIVES in less than a week!!!

  muffins in the mornings and
pizza and MAKING animal ID cards at night