Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Star Wars therapy

Burger has not spent much of his first 2 years sick so I was surprised to wake up to my feverish pup yesterday and today included all the terrible things that follow fevers. He is probably sick because he was supposed to stay well before his surgery. So anyway we spent the better part of the last 2 days watching all the 3 star wars movies( there are only 3 around this house), not just rewinding the rancor eating the "wort hog"(burger term), which was what we did last week

~As well as watching Wall~E 10-20 times.

We have been on a rancor rampage 'round these parts for
the better part of the holiday season. "rancor hungry, rancor eat some "

Today my little rancor drank some of his 'wort hog ' tea and said to mama rancor,"tea make rancor better", which made my heart pitter patter.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas crunch

I am going a little BIZ-erko around here trying to pull off all the things I left to the last minute. I was so busy making market goods that I realized haven't even hardly begun with my family and friends sweet goods. It is a good thing that I work well under pressure(daddy says I do my best in a time crunch) Sew I am just saving the best for last, right?
Anyway a quick hello and happy holly~daze to you and yours . ~Also a quick peep into the whirlwind that is my tiny brain and even tinier house.(gifts in progress) ~ I recently( re)discovered covered buttons when I made some for this custom apron(my first child's apron)....I used to work at a wholesale leather cleaners as a seamstress and we used to have to make leather covered replacement buttons all the time. I don't think I ever actually made a fabric covered one before. They are so much easier to make that the leather ones! And such instant gratification. I bought a couple of the kits at a half off notions sale (at a big box fabric locale) Another custom apron to share. For one of my favorite Crazy Texas ladies~ Here are some finished gifts.(some I cannot show yet)...my first decoupaged project ( just the frame is decoupaged...very fun)

~Here are some pretty barrettes and a few other gifts for my lovelies

~pillows with pockets for boys who like to hoard and hide!

~And cookies cookies cookies.... I split my cowboy cookies in half and put raisins in one half (no nuts or chips) and half with choc and peanut butter chips. I also made the toddler truffles from The Toddler Cafe, that I mentioned earlier this month and I made them into "almond joys" I added almonds to the mix and then rolled them in sweetened coconut (Dada loves almond joy). They look pretty and taste great.I cannot believe they are made with black beans!
~My man and I took a sweet holly~date this weekend that seemed long overdue....We usually go for sushi around my birthday so we decided to hit up our favorite super close sushi joint. Super close date locales are nice 'cause we can come back to the house for a little snuggle time before we pick up the babe. The fish was fresh and delish as always.

~I suppose the date night seemed over due because we spent date night last week printing our Christmas cards. Finally we got to try out some of daddy's new skills he learned from his Guerrilla screen printing class, Together. ...I did a little screen printing in undergrad but that has been quite some time ago. Daddy designed and executed the screen and I was his little printing helper. I chose and tore the paper to size and mixed the colors that we both agreed on . I was also the "clean hands " during printing, moving the paper in and out of position. Needless to say for our first collaborative print we forgot to take "action" photos but I did snap a few during drying
~I am realizing as I enter my second morning trying to finish up this post that I am trying to sneak a catch up post in here so I am just gonna tell it like it is "this is a ketchup post". It is my first time trying to blog during the holidays( and only my third Christmas as a mommy; which means trying to learn how to celebrate the holiday as a micro family)

....So get fat, be merry and stay safe.
lalalallove ya'll

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Blue Mama

It is my sweet lady friend Blue mama's birthday . I hope she has a wonderful, relaxing birthday and safe and fun family trip. We love you guys and we will miss you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Serger scraps garland

I might be totally off my rocker with this but I love my serger bits . I decide at 4am the other morning that I was gonna make some garland with them.

~Ta Da

~This was fast and easy and instantly gratifying if you go in for that tattered charlie brown Christmas tree look. I love the little savage bows.

~I love Gingham especially for Christmas

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gator pants and more!! Look what I made

~Well I guess I am only partially responsible for this masterpiece

...but his gator pants and new roomy wool hat I made 100%

...I have been in make OVERDRIVE!! I have also been in 'forgetting to take photos LAND' and I have the lack of photos to prove it( I have sold many of these items and I am tearful).
I had my first trunk show ( more like wicker basket show hehehe) in North (central )Austin last week and left my camera at home AGAIN!!!It was fun, fun, fun and hopefully the hostess will send me a few pix(hint). I will call her "Tea lady"; And I am incredibly grateful to her for having me and my basket o' goods over along with a gaggle of cool mama's. Thanks Tea lady !!!
I did manage to take a few photos this weekend of some new goodies

~This Texas apron is still around.~ I designed this new raglan look seen here under the TEX apron that I am really lovin' on. ~It has sweater knit sleeves with ribbing as the arm bands. I have been playing with sweater knits ever since I started making the arm warmers. ...Anyway I had a lot of interested buyers but I was not quite ready to part with it so I called it a prototype that needs work(or to be worn by me or a good friend ..hint hint). What do y'all think?

~I also made Two more chic aprons that sold Saturday. I kind wanted to hang on to this one(I loved it sew) but of course it was the first to go.~ The patch on this on and the TEX apron are made from quilted pieces that I am told are from the 40's( and I believe it) .
~The quilted pieces are so precious to me. The artist who made them had such a great color sensibility I feel honored and very lucky to be able to collaborate with her. ~I also made this brownie one ~It is made from all new fabrics but the buttons were all vintage ~I had a lot of fun with the buttons on this apron.
~ I have a quick etsy shop announcement. I will not re-stocking my shop any time soon. If you see something you like, or something you would like me to make you a variation of, I would be more than thrilled. I make custom orders All the time ! If you are curious about sizes, or want to request a certain size of an item, I am very accommodating! You can email me or visit me at the market and we can make it work!! I am working on an actual 'Belle and Burger' online shop of my very own ....opening in 2009 (probably February) thanks guys!

Comal county Birthday

It has been a week since my big 25Th (hehehehe)birthday that I celebrated in Grand (country) style in Comal County with 5 fabulous pals and my handsome King. Anyway I purposefully waited to write this post so I could blame time instead of alcohol for my memory loss.

~We traveled to Gruene Texas ~we arrived to an adorable old "haus"

~with all it's beautiful yard accessories

~ The house was situated in the back parking lot of the infamous honkytonk Rileys tavern ...known as the place" where my liqour loved to flow" or so I had heard...I now know that it is because they are the only place around that serves liquor not just beer and wine; a perfect nightcap for our gang
We got all dolled up and headed out to ring in my next year I remember Houston told me she was wearing her Loretta hair... and i knew it was just for me (sorry T).
~It was very cold as we rode to into a 'well lit' festive looking New Braunsfel to have a birthday dinner(i don't think I ever new the name of the restaurant. It was very nice though and there was a pig in the back courtyard that looked like our hound Gram. We went to Gruene and I did not take in the memory maker . It was loud and crowded and Fun!(yes Jason was very handsome but not as handsome as Daddy ) Thanks for all the birthday wishes !