Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Story Telling Spools; an ornamental tutorial

..........."the house that jack built"

...."into the woods"

"isn't she,... pretty in pink?"

~These ornaments are my story spools. Using small images from storybooks as the focal then bits of mostly "trash treasure" for the trims and embellishments. They use only hot glue so no sewing ! They are so easy and as usual for my tutorials the more you make the more you wanna make and the better they get!!!! I have been stashing sweetly illustrated children's book that have been well loved but are maybe ready to move on to a new life. I spot them at thrift stores or yard sales; always for a quarter or two. The fabric is all scraps from my pile. I especially enjoyed working these in a set of three, but you could do them as singles or in larger sets.

empty spools any size
hot glue gun
bits of un-used treasures
felt or burlap
story pictures on paper
scissors(for paper)

1. cut or draw your paper story images. I like 2 have at least three images in each series to work with.
3.Set up your design parameters. I like to make a little inspiration pile around my pictures ,picking out trims and treasures that i will use to cover the spools. Also assign a spool to each image at this point.

4. Cut and attach fabric to spool. Put a line of glue on spool, attach fabric edge firmly wrap the spool overlapping , gluing and trimming to finish

5. Attach your base fabric, and to the top
I used burlap on the base (instead of felt)I like the heavy weight on the bottom.It was one of my favorite parts. The tops I covered used a coordinating woven.
6. Create a second layer of trims.
Go ahead and cover the over hangs of the spools if you are gonna.

7. Attach your story
. You may need to do some extra trimming on the image to get it just right!

8. Embellish!!!!
Go on girl put it on and don't think to much! use up stuff that is otherwise useless..broken buttons, chipping beads, broken jewelry bits ...the endless snaps!
9. Attach loop on top. and cover with more embellishing!!

~I find it easier to find my creative inspiration when I work fearlessly and use what you have on hand! My favorite way to give time to the studio is to sit with some of my multitudes of "raw " materials and some tools of choice and just stay there for at least 2 hours and then see cultivates; Many times after the first 45 min I am like ugh this is all so horrendous...I should be working with a plan. Fifteen more minutes of non language activity and I think "i really like that little thing!"....and I am propelled on. These ornaments are totally made based on this theory of production and from recycled bits!!!!! Have fun and share your creative spirit with those you touch.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

where you are is what you need....

~I looked for many moon cycles for vintage eyeglass frames on-line and found really some super fantastic places and options! But, fourtunately my fire belly burned and spurred me to venture into the plethora of vintage stores just within a 2-3 mile radius of my homestead(YOUR BELLY SHOULD BURN 4 LOCAL TOO). AT the start of my mission I stopped into this favorite relatively secret vintage getaway, where I succumbed to this heart-mazing gunfighter needlepoinT(gift)!!!@!!!!!!!!!!! IN one of these impecably hosted stores (the sales lady was just the bees knees) these perfect frames found me!! They remind me of the frames my Nanny sported that I inherited in my late teens and promptly had relensed!Unfortunately that was 1992 and they are long disintegrated.
~But back to the ongoing mantra .....amongst all the vintage running I forgot to pick up some craft supplies to get busy on an ornament tutorial. I also forgot to stop in and pick up the next DVD in my latest series obsession . SO whats a busy handed grrl to do after the moon pie is snuggled in his bed!?!?
~ you know it...make it work~Pull out the Buffy ...and just one or two of those vintage vanity cases that are brimming with dead stock trims, notions and other treasures in need of rebirthin' !!! and Walhalla...
Thanks Sarah lets do it again SHARE 2MORROW). THere is THE sneak peep at the ornaments made from what was right where I am !!!!!
and the video that put sarah on ON MY brain yesterday!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

leftover cranberry sauce....and grackles

new favorite yogurt situation....

Greek yogurt (dipped out not stirred)
cranberry sauce(pref not canned)
flax seeds
walnuts or pecans
dark brown sugar

custom grackle skirt is living in my lil heart ...he is just as disheveled as his real counter parts that sit on our power lines...although really this looks like a fence....sorry the pix are gosh dern awful!!

really enjoying Follow Me on Pinterest ;pinterest( always up for pining and crushing with my peepers!!!)
looking for markers for burger for thinking on these.
looking for new glasses ...maybe these

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

refashioned trophy Ts...a marathon

~ ALL these T shirts are custom re purposed...
I used mostly fabric scraps and opted for a raw edge neck line(except on this last one).What a super fun time I had..and how fun to see all those scraps and old T shirts become adorable, and wearable. I am trying to workout a tutorial ...mean while here is great blog post about sewing with knits on a conventional sewing machine( not a serger)

Monday, November 21, 2011

dutch twins, a fawn and deco florals

~I have been working on some new aprons...I made this little half apron re purposing a pillow case with the little dutch twins(at least I think they are dutch). It has a large double pocket that makes it a perfect service apron. The wide belted tie is particularly flattering , I do believe.
~I made the little fawn apron next, It too is made using mostly recycled fabrics and scraps. I like that it looks so delicate but i is super sturdy. The skirt panel is layered and machine quilted across what I consider the work zone. I had a lot if fun with the colors and the stitching. Fawn; I want to make woodland creatures ornaments this year so I have the little beasts in my brain right now!

~I am so loving this fabric I picked up last week. I find so many vintage sheets made in Georgia in the 60's, with the most interesting printed designs. This one has very art deco white flowers on brown(the skirt of the dress)...that thru time have faded making for a lovely one of a kind fabric experience. It might be nice as part of the woodland ornaments..Maybe?