Thursday, February 24, 2011

fabric scrap cards

~I had some fun with fabric and paper a few weeks back and I wanted to share them with you. I simply used heat and bond lite and hand torn paper. Sometimes you have fabric that needs showing off. This was such an easy fun way to showcase some scraps. This cotton(?) woven snow bunny fabric is sew amazingly sweet. It was given to me by an amazingly thoughtful client of Kg's. From the history I am guessing it is pre- 1980...have not tried to locate its origin online, has anyone ever seen it before?

The others fabric is from a sixties full on poly shirt that I am refashioning into a scarf for a friend. I just loved the little bush, those sweet deer and the majestic lion
*I have a much more involved tutorial on making fabric scrap cards ....but if you are short on time or patience these are super simple and way fun!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

the rush of spring or a girl and her frock

~so with temps near 80 all week and a lulling warm southerly wind blowing through these parts, a girl must rush to enjoy the her spring. In central Texas springtime can be quite fleeting and this lass's bones are telling her this year's spring will be extra hasty. So I will be at the Market as much as possible before the heat drives me to cool, spring-fed, watering holes and dark, air conditioned caves serving very cold beer. Another lifesaver of my summer is a cool versatile frock. I always start them out in the spring with a light cardigan then slowly I end up in 110°temps and a strappy lawn dress ...maybe flip flops. This weekend at the market I will be previewing several of my spring frocks.
~there is the secretary boat neck dress. I can also shir the waist or it can be belted.
This is a mock wrap that I designed for a bride maid's dress
~ my favorite dress from last summer seen above in front of the pick-up is this strappy number...
this particular one is a little small in chest for me(DANG) you might notice. I would say it is better suited for a B-C cup...good thing or I would be keeping it! All of its fabrics are re purposed( bottom sheet) and vintage( bodice vintage beauty).The back of the bodice is shirred along with the waistline.

~this here is a new knit tunic dress that I will have several of this weekend! I try to make these out of the softest knit I can them!
hope to see y'all a the market Saturday

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potato Printed Valentines tutorial

~ this week I was asked to come up with a fun, easy, non-comercial kids valnetine project as a guest blogger over at Live mom, a cool local blog for Austin mommas. Live mom's post will cover her frustration with the commercialization of valentine's. I will link to the post when it goes up. But for now here is the craft kiddie project

heavy paper like poster paper or cardstock
hole punch
washable paint
brayer ,brush, or sponge
small cookie cutters

***mama prep #1-3; depending on how young your rascals are you may let them help you
1.Make a heart template, then trace your heart onto your heavy paper and cut out your hearts.hole pouch around the outer edge of the hearts .
2.cut your potato stamps. you can look at my belle and burger blog post about potato printing to get In depth instructions. I found a sweet little valentine cookie cutter set for under 3bucks at the Grocery.

3.set up the work area. Put your paints in a tray, let the kids chose but keep it simple maybe just 2 mixable colors. Cover your work space with paper. Have and area that will be ready to hold the potatoes between printing.
4.Let the printing begin. For the younger artists this need only be a process oriented project. Its fun to use food in art and fun to make a mess. Once all your hearts are dry.You can either move on or add another layer of color. Clean all potatoes gently.

5.Message of love. After the printed images have all dried you can add a message if you like. We used some stamps we had but your could use printed words from magazines or your computer. You could also use stencils or just hand write them on. what ever tickles your fancy.
6.Lace your cards. Tie a bow or leave a hanging loop at the top of your valentine.

7. send out your valentine wishes

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

total denial..spring is coming soon

~So today we had frozen raindrops on the car. It was 49 at midnight; 44 at 4am; and now it is just noon and it is 21 out side. I know it is much colder in many places but was it 6o yesterday there? and also I do not have a winter coat....So I am gonna maintain my total denial and coast on into the spring that I know is just around the corner here in Central Texas! I will be at the market on Saturday because it will be 65 on mantra
Until then we will keep sewing, drawing, making snowmen
and snow ice cream...
BODY ART ~burger has spent the last week covered in body art just like this( those are "meat feet" )
I am busy sewing up a Lil storm ...working on this custom adorned vintage coat. something old and blue for my lovely bride to be.
I am also fully in spring mode making these tiny skirts ..a custom variation on a longer design
i also made these~ "arm warmers that units might have sold", had they sold arm warmers
so I will see y'all at the market ...i will be loaded down with pretty things to wear and sweet things to give on valentines