Monday, December 21, 2009

Lil' bits Christmas Tree Cards Tutorial

~We made super simple cards this year. They were so easy and you probably already have all the supplies. It was a full family affair Daddy designed and cut our trees.I chose all the bits and cut them and put them in separate bins, Finally Burger decorated them this was his first full on free for all glue project. He liked the second round gluing best( on the red squares) You could easily change the colors of the construction paper. Of course your little one may get bored half way through but it is also a fun creative exercise for you.

10 sheets red
5 sheets green construction paper
scraps of other multi colored paper( could be from recycle bin)
buttons and or cardboard cut into bits
ribbon, yard , string


1. design and cut your tree template
. Fold one sheet of paper( any color) in half and cut then in half again and cut so you have 1/4 of the sheet. Fold that sheet in half and free draw your tree on half then cut out.
The negative will be your template.

2 prepare the paper. Fold all your paper in half and cut or using a ruler tear in half . Fold in half again and cut or tear just the green ones. The red will be the actual card. Fold the green in half again .Trace your tree from you original template onto all the green folded sheets and cut them out. We used the cut outs and the negative cut outs for our cards.
3. make your bits bins. We had bins as follows:
ribbon and yarn, buttons and cardboard cut outs about the same size as buttonssome paper bits cut into all sorts of shapes and sizes( we used our scrap paper box here), paper "ribbons"
4. Glue it up. Decorate the trees and half of the red backgrounds. This was Burger's favorite part. I set them aside overnight to dry ( 3 year olds use LOTS of glue)
5. Attach the trees to the undecorated red cards and the negative trees to the decorated cardsLet dry completely.
6.Press between 2 clean sheets of pare under heavy books and your all set to spread some Christmas cheer special made by you and yours.

Friday, December 18, 2009


~Well I am finally able to sit at the computer for more than email checks, craigslist searches, and pining for other's holiday cheer. We are settling in but WOW moving during the holidays , not so crafty.
I have done lots of online tootling, wishing I did not feel like such a voyeur let me share a little.

~We have managed a tree, that I have not managed to take a decent photo of yet but pictured here on a limb is Komodo...Burger's favorite personality as of late. *We also are managing to make some Christmas cards (lets hope they make it out in time).
I found these tear candle cards which I Loved , but we decided to make trees instead( I hope to show you more later)
* lalalaovin' these super simple cranberry ornaments.
* I really want to make Burger this but a kitchen instead of a barn( he is really onto all these tiny kitchen and food toys ). I think like this version a little better, because burger is not so keen on the softer toys.
we are making cookies, of course the cowboy cookies but also some sugar cookies with "sprankles" on top...I like mine chewy
*I think that faux snowmen are in order for Christmas eve.
*Next years stockings will be....these

Happy happy holidays to al Ya'll , are you feeling merry?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finding your Muse... a custom skirt

~I made this custom skirt a while back, but waited to share it till the owner could get it. I had a whole post in my head about finding inspiration in your forgotten surroundings, and how a fresh take on something can really bring to life a whole new vision. Then I got busy with some other things and now we are in the midst of a move so here is the abbreviated version.
~I made this skirt for someone who bought the nasturtiums skirt for her dear friend. She wanted something in that vein but different. I had recently pulled out this floral tea towel that I had stashed and was thinking of using in another apron project. ~I loved the panel with the balls of flowers in combination with the stark straight leaves. ~The nasturtiums were all about the crazy foliage... I liked that these leaves here were so simple and straight changing the whole dynamic of the design.
~Well I loved the skirt so much I wanted to keep it but I did not. I am hoping to make myself a variation before summer.
~Oh well this post was a quickie I just wanted to say "HI" before we went offline for a few days. I will see you in a different place.