Monday, March 31, 2008

This stuff is mine or monday work

Me and burger got new clothes today

I made some time to make me a shirt finally! I have been trying to make a pattern for a plain T shirt that I could reuse . This is obviously not going to be it But I think it is cute anyway. I used an old navy shirt as a general out line for the pattern and changed the long sleeves into cap sleeves but I screwed up the boat neck so this was my solution. Did I mention I love my serger!!!

I also made burger a pair of shorts out of this tiny bit of fabric I bought like 3 years ago.

Also Baseball season started yesterday YAY!!!!!!! GO BRAVES
burger's new tomahawkin shirt.....jill he still knows how to do it!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I just re-discovered these hankies, aiyana gave them to us as a wedding gift. they will be appearing as pockets and patches so watch out for the peculiar...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Love my Farmers Market booth

Humongous thanks to all my sweet friends who came out to support me on my virgin farmers market experience.

We had a ball and I think now that I have finally gotten rid of the 2 day migraine I had from stressing( i am crazy yes)....we are gonna keep it up!!!!

I am gonna try to do previews of stuff I will be selling , these 2 bags will be available Saturday

And I will have these "Market" skirts, they are fun! I took my classic "A" line zip back skirt and made an elastic waist version that is easy to wear and great to slip on for a quick market trip.I am so very into making pockets and patches right now so expect to see them o just about everything!

I will hopefully have some new boys shorts and or pants I have some great new fabrics to test them out on.... and burger NEEDS some new duds.

This week not only did I not preview I didn't even take pictures of the goodies on the table( I was quite a nut case) but Daddy did snap a few of a strawberry faced burger....enjoy.

Hope to see you guys Saturday at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

my little bunny runs so fast

I made my first easter basket. I hid raisins,
goldfish and rocks(burger likes his rocks) in the eggs.
I also made bunnyvampires(the red bunny)
inspired by Cinda's bloody mouth bunnies(see pic below)

We had a fun day at Grammy and Pappy's
Cinda made delectable edibles and the most wonderous peach pie, yumyumyum.

Cinda's Bunnies were out in full force and Burger just loved them,
particularly the little bloody mouthed ones
(seen here in the bottom left corner).

Afterwards we had a relaxing evening at home... early to bed sweet bunny.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The spring garden

Pretty old fashioned crawling geraniums from the natural gardener

We started prepping the garden for spring planting a few weeks ago.

You can see how little it was last year

Daddy tilled the plot twice as big this year.

We ordered tomato seeds from Heirloom Seeds.
They were so sweet they sent us some extra surprise seeds with our order(very nice)
Anyway the little tomato plants we started indoors and they look beautiful and happy.

I also started a two different basils and some marigolds and a few different peppers.
So hopefully one more lite freeze and the little darlin's can be moved outside.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Farmers Market Booth!

I am finally going to have a booth at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market.

We had our BOOB launch part there last weekend.

I should be able too start in 2-3 weeks I am super excited!

Monday, March 3, 2008

cut out and keep inspirations

I recently did my own versions of 2 cut out and keep projects I admired.
I made this tea wallet (love this sweet gift Idea) that was posted by athenamat of diynamite.

I also made these pincusions inspired by Holly B, I used some beautiful quilted squares that Cinda found for me to make my fabric rounds.