Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pretty; Domestic

I just finished a new 4 card series called "Pretty;domestic"I used a general arches printmaking paper and painted the full sheet with a gold tempra wash. I then tore the cards down using the size of the paper as my guide with a tearing bar. The images are from a beautiful fabric scrap that my Cinda gave me many moons ago(thank you Cinda). I also used some oil cloth, Papa Bear found long ago when we were courtin'(heres to hanging on to things through a move and a baby). The rest came from my paper scrap and cloth scrap boxes. I suppose there is a bit of a self portrait here. I do use a clothesline (but i don't wear high heels to perform my household duties; much to papa's dismay). The cloth is stitched in place and the rest is acid free glue. The interiors of the cards are from an old navy paper shopping bag(each looks different they are blank otherwise).I thought they might make perfect Mother's day cards.

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