Saturday, April 5, 2008

No farmers market today,sorry

We had to call off the farmers market this week,but we will be there next week for sure with lots of new goodies! I changed the thread in my serger today perhaps because I was inspired by some new arrivals in my dirty little sewing room.
Daddy surprised me with these lovely tulips Friday afternoon.

Connor gave me two jars of beautiful buttons(YAY CONNoR)

and this wonderful piece of fabric that I just had to make a bag out of immediately

I was so inspired by all the new colors I made a new t- shirt( finally I made my all purpose tshirt pattern) but the the shirt photos were very not very revealing.
( or maybe too revealing)

1 comment:

Blue Mama said...

Ok, no never mind. THAT photo is boob-a-licious!
I heart the t-shirts...maybe I can trade you a Cher shirt at some point. I even have some old thin t-shirts just begging to be re-made laying know, because you have so much free time! ;)
We had so much fun with your guys today, so sad you were stuck inside but I hope you got some good work done! I'll call you tomorrow!