Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunny sunday

~75 degrees and feeling fine.....

It is warmin' up here at times and if you blink in central Texas at this time of year you could miss spring. I love Texas weather (yes even the heat; although check with me in September) especially the first 3 months of the year.
We made a quick picnic to a local, lovable park yesterday. This park is very close to home yet further south of the city so really only groups of families hang there which means not a lotta crowds.And in turn lots of room for boys to play. (They have a great drop in yoga class on Tuesday evenings at 6:15 for 10 bucks; I should go more).
We(mostly Dada) tuckered our little rancor out good .

I also managed to get a hair cut this weekend from the lovely and talented Erin at Topaz salon . This photo is the day after slept on + hat head ...but you get the idea!
I did not manage to get back to the market. I was feeling like it was a week to soon for my still scratchy throat and the drizzly weather predictions. It turned out to be a fine day weather wise but I was feeling quite icky in the head area.
We will be back at the farmers market Saturday January 24th for sure. I plan on being there for 2 weeks straight and then starting an every other week rotation. I promise a preview in the next few days!!
~Ps ...this is what I've been gettin' when I say"smile "

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Blue Mama said...

I was wondering if you went or not...miss you, Mama--hang out soon? Tomorrow or Wed?

ps: I love those self-conscious little boy smiles...