Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Turn an Old Sheet into a Ironing Board Cover

~If your like me your ironing board winds up dealing with some dirty deeds during your crafty multi tasking. I love crafty ironing tactics like Wonderunder and fusible webbing but I hate the gooey residue it leaves on my ironing board cover(I know I should be more careful, but who can be careful when your creative genius has taken over). So needless to ironing board cover will not suffice( and 2 irons is not a bad idea either, pick up your extra one at the thrift or a yard sale). It just seems silly to spend $10-15 for an ironing board cover for gooey messes when I always have old full size sheets stock piled. I have been meaning to make another cover for about a year. I even had a pattern for it but, that too seemed a little tedious when I wanted to be making clothes or anything else . I recently relocated and reorganized my studio and it just seemed wrong not to give my board a new cover( since my old cover is just a mess). During the last few weeks of trying to sew in a disheveled studio I laid one of my sheets on the board , to protect from the messes. I broke down last night and turned that sheet into a super quick and easy cover. And then I made another one to show you how.The full fitted sheet has the perfect amount of elastic to stretch around the standard sized ironing board. Now I recommend using the cover you make as the catch all the gooey stuff one. Then you can just pull it off when you need a crisp clean ironing surface.( I learned this one the hard way))


1 full size fitted sheet
sewing machine
your ironing board


1.cut elastic off sheet, Just leave the sheet remnants There should be two pieces of elastic

2. cut sheet. lay sheet on ironing board put a few books on top to keep it in place and cut around the entire board leaving about 3 1/2" over the edge. 3. Sew elastic to cover. I started at the mid point of the front leaving 1 3/4 " seam allowance. Using a wide zigzag stitch, start sewing a little to attach the elastic and then fully stretch the elastic as you sew. I like the elastic on top of the fabric but you could do It under too.For the second piece I start at the back end of the cover and sew it the same way . 4 . Cover your board. You can take your other cover off if you like but I just put it over the other cover


Aniky said...

Wow!It´s so easy!! Some day I´ll upload (I think I write fine, don´t I?)my "creations", jeje!
Sorry, write in english is too difficult for me. >I'm from Spain and I´m not use to talk or write in english.. See you... said...

Oh that's so easy, I love it! Another use for gramma's old sheet. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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