Thursday, March 4, 2010

settling the nest

~We are really settling nicely into our new to us home. Now that the crazy moving during the holidays has past and most everything is finding its place in the space, we can start finding room for what we love.

....And as you might think
Sewing/making is of course high on the list. I have the most lovely space for my studio. It is a little hard to photograph but here is one view.You can see my new necchi girl, I love her so very much.

~Treating the windows is always a big deal to me. I like them all to be special, so I have been slowly making curtains for our new windows. This first curtain is an adaptation of one of my first ever curtain designs( made many moons ago.). It has a bubble bottom and I love that....I am thinking of writing up a quick tutorial when I make the kitchen curtains, much like this one.

~Speaking of kitchens...Our new kitchen is just wonderful. Over the weekend Kg and I (well mostly him) hung peg board and organized the stove top work space area. Across from the stove there is a huge counter space which probably caused my new years resolution;to bake more (really bake; like learn how to).

~Outside we are just starting. I have been cleaning up a little everyday this week. Burger and I painted some pots to put our lovely strawberry plants in. Spring always brings hope...hope some of our plants won't burn up by mid July. Luckily el nino delivered some much needed rain to central Texas , so we will probably not be so restricted this year on water usage. ~The best thing about the new nest is the extra space. Every room is just a little bit bigger. We also have 2 full baths(!!!!!!!) and the sun room( my studio) is a whole extra space, that the other place was totally lacking.


helsbells said...

Yes please do give a tutorial on how to make the curtain, it's fab. Your new home looks really lovely.


Unknown said...

The Goddesses are on your blog!!!! How cool is that??????

Anonymous said...

We also just moved into a new/old house in October, and we're still settling in. Think it's an on-going process.. And of course, so much fun to put the sewing skills to good use!

Lo Christine said...

Looks like a great place:) Love all the natural light in the sewing room.

Judy said...

That is a fabulous kitchen!


Alex said...

Looks fantastic! I especially love your studio, are those lace curtains I see? I have some that look very similar! Looks like y'all are settling in quite nicely :)