Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working the yard on El Paso

~Yesterday it must have been almost 80 degrees in Austin!!!!! ...We even had a surprise spring thunderstorm that lasted no longer than 10 minutes! We were pretty bummed ( cause it seemed to be a wash out), that we had to pack in our picnic real quick and tear outta lil' stacy; but after the quick hard rain burger ran into the kitchen screaming " it s a sunny day ! it was raining now its a sunny day". ~Needless to say we high-tailed it outside to break up the soil and do a little planting and yardscaping. ~Burger and I transplanted one of our little strawberries into a taller skinner "pot" and he told it as he sprinkled it with water " I LOVE YOU".(chest swelling with mother pride) ~I planted the rest of our pretties we got over the weekend. I love using these olive oil cans as planters. They are so perfect and look bursting when you pot them. It makes me want to use more and more olive oil...or maybe find a restaurant that is tossing them. (hmmmm, will do)
~We planted our seeds on Sunday night and already we have germination.
...There was one beautiful causality which found itself at home on the kitchen sill. A perfect little reminder of the "Sunny day"!
~I am excited to be hosting a giveaway for Eco smart here in a few weeks. I will be testing out some of the products and have one of their bundles as a give away on here! I will keep you posted as to whens and wheres


two vegan boys said...

I am so loving this weather. We planted our garden over the weekend and are starting the tomato garden this week.

The rain storm yesterday was so nice.

My two little guys have been playing outdoors so much lately. They keep asking to swim in the kiddie pool.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Shorty said...

We had the same storms yesterday morning in North Texas, plus a bit of pea-sized hail. I loved it, tho. I'm so ready for Spring to stick around for good!

Love your pics... 'specially those cutesy toes! I need to paint mine desperately! And your 'olive pots' are adorable!

Alex said...

Wait a minute, I think your new place might be right around the corner from me (like walking distance!)! I love that olive can as planter, too, great idea.

Deb said...

I am so in love with your olive oil planter...I need to find me some of them. :)

Lo Christine said...

So jealous of your warm temps and ability to plant things already! Looks fabulous:)

Laura said...

i can't WAIT to move there!!