Wednesday, May 4, 2011


~It seems I have not posted in the interim I have been sick as a kitten, sewing like a banshee(making lots of custom frills), obsessed with this TV show (oh Mr. Draper) and discovering that MY camera is BROKE!! So I will share a few photos(pre-broken camera) of my lately customs and others...and just dip my foot in the pool.

This lovely lady
pictured above wearing this pegagcorn dress....
here she is seen in the palms sporting another belle and burger frock
I made this custom Orchid dress for a Georgia peach in Tennessee...

This humming bird in the bluebonnets was requested and repeated for another client.I made several new frocks that sold very quickly at the market before I could take took adequate photos.One was a sketch for some nautical theme custom work I am dreaming up.
The other was this dream in pine needles it!
~I also have been appliqueing quite a few skirts. This custom one I made for a dear friend's birthday. There was much discussion on what was being portrayed in the image.... I think burger and I decided it was the beach with the sun reflecting in the ocean...

~I also appliqued some apples on a this summer sheet skirt(still available size small)~ belle and burger will be at the Farmers Market this weekend ...hope to see y'all there