Wednesday, July 20, 2011

belle and burger home sale***next 2 saturdays

Hey y'all ...I am having a home sale in liew of the farmers market for the next couple weeks.( All prices will be reduced since I won't have to leave the house!!)

~Multitudes of lovely frocks.

~I will have loads of $10 tanks!!!!
I will be also be showing a sampling of some fall looks( Austin fall) and serving Arnold Palmers.....would love to have you stop in for a spell. This is just a peek at some of my offerings and of course I will be makin' new stuff to add all week.

That will be July 23rd and July 30th from 11-4pm. I will also be available for appointments to come look if you cannot make the Saturday drive-bys. email me at belle south girl at yahoo dot com check with me for my location or look at the FB event page
*****please, if you can, laugh loudly at my super goofy photos; when it is 100ºlike e v e r y day you get a little fried

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Molly Dee said...

Yer so awesome! Look at you go! It's been forever and a day. My hibernating ass's fault I know. I might swing by just to say hi and see what gloriousness you've up to.