Thursday, September 8, 2011

the 'dre dress in black and gray and my ropers

~I wanted to share the 'dre dress finished in black and gray. I made one obi to go with both dresses. The client is a server at an upscale food shop in downtown Austin. The dress was made to be worn with no apron and the over sized pockets were made to hold a moleskin book and a wine key. I also made myself one and it is a my favorite thing to pair with my new to me lace up ropers!

And I also bring to your attention especially if you are from the other part of the world known around here as "Not Texas".

~Things have been pretty crazy over the last week in
Central Texas. You may have heard of the devastating wild fires that we have had that have destroy over 1,500 homes in our area. If you would like to help some of these families you can find organizations to donate food, clothing, time or money to on the Austin statesman website. You can also find more updated info and post info on the Central Texas Wildfire Recovery Facebook thoughts are with all the families who have lost so much in the last week... And I am in awe of all the brave men and women who have been fighting these fires.

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Atlanta blinds and shades said...

Hey, Belle...I hope all is safe and sound and no causalities because of wild fire.