Monday, November 21, 2011

dutch twins, a fawn and deco florals

~I have been working on some new aprons...I made this little half apron re purposing a pillow case with the little dutch twins(at least I think they are dutch). It has a large double pocket that makes it a perfect service apron. The wide belted tie is particularly flattering , I do believe.
~I made the little fawn apron next, It too is made using mostly recycled fabrics and scraps. I like that it looks so delicate but i is super sturdy. The skirt panel is layered and machine quilted across what I consider the work zone. I had a lot if fun with the colors and the stitching. Fawn; I want to make woodland creatures ornaments this year so I have the little beasts in my brain right now!

~I am so loving this fabric I picked up last week. I find so many vintage sheets made in Georgia in the 60's, with the most interesting printed designs. This one has very art deco white flowers on brown(the skirt of the dress)...that thru time have faded making for a lovely one of a kind fabric experience. It might be nice as part of the woodland ornaments..Maybe?

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