Saturday, December 3, 2011

leftover cranberry sauce....and grackles

new favorite yogurt situation....

Greek yogurt (dipped out not stirred)
cranberry sauce(pref not canned)
flax seeds
walnuts or pecans
dark brown sugar

custom grackle skirt is living in my lil heart ...he is just as disheveled as his real counter parts that sit on our power lines...although really this looks like a fence....sorry the pix are gosh dern awful!!

really enjoying Follow Me on Pinterest ;pinterest( always up for pining and crushing with my peepers!!!)
looking for markers for burger for thinking on these.
looking for new glasses ...maybe these


leah said...

I heart the grackle skirt AND it is much quieter than the grackles that are going to take over Texas ;-)

His Moon said...

totally love your style :D

Krys said...

I love, love, love the grackle skirt.