Monday, January 9, 2012

2012~ forever and a day

~I took an inter-webby hiatus last month....There was just too much going on face to face here in central Texas!
*sooo hello and happy 2012 !!! *as I am dipping my toes back in to the blog-o-sphere I wanted to share 2 projects from my world in 2012.

~ One is this little ancient bonnet I am gifting to a new sweet babe... I used designs and tips from this book. It was a fun TV watching kinda thang. I think the kitty inspiration came from the mama kitty in this favorite children's book, whose name is Junebug (like the swaddled new babe)

~the other is my new obsession(first shared here) with re-T-ing these graphic-ly inspiring but figure dis-flattering shirts. The Austin Ice Bats is the only one of these still available in my shop...but there will be more and I think a tutorial is in the works inside my brain(promise to check on that..with said brain)

later tater....


Kat said...

Im totally into making these right now too! I love mixing some fabric with a shirt...Im soo gonna have to do that!!!

Aniky said...

I love your t-shirt! Great!