Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Throw back post! Scraps of my heary tutorial!

~These stuffed hearts are made mostly from my scrap pile. They are a little bigger than an open paw…measuring at about 7” across the heart at its widest part. Mine are stuffed with fluff and I had someone in mind for each as I pieced each one together using tiny bits of love and thought to make it as special as it’s recipient.

Another fun and cool option is to add a pocket to hold reading glasses a valentine treat (sexy or chocolaty), a remote control, or even baby teeth for the toothsome fairy!

Yet another idea you might try is stuff with rice add a few drops of essential oil to make a hot/cold pack (microwave/freezer) for someone’s aching head or crampy muscles.

Tools and Materials for this variation
Scraps of fabric
Ribbon and random bits of
Loveliness that need homes
Pins (optional)
Interface (optional)
Sewing machine (optional)

1. Cut and iron two hearts from my pattern (or make you own heart pattern (sew easy!!) If you want to use mine just print it at 100% on an 8.5”x11” paper. The pattern uses 1/4’ seams.

2. Design and apply the layout of your embellishments, pockets or what have you for the top and a bottom of your heart (if you used two different fabrics; which I did on all mine). I used appliqués as sort of my main theme (I like to use fusible interface with my appliqués) Then I added buttons and bits of fabric and ribbon here and there to move your eye around. Remember to attach your embellishmets from the bottom up , ...with buttons and bows being attached last.

Iron after each layer is attached. Ironing will help keep it clean and make it easier to attach the next layer in your design.

3. Sew your heart out! With wrong sides together, sew a 1/4” seam around the heart ... leaving about a 2.5-3” opening to turn out of. Start your seam about and inch or so from the bottom of the point of your heart so your opening will be on the bottom side of your heart.(about where my scissors are lying is where I started sewing down)
4. Turn your heart out carefully. Using a pointy stick (knit needle, chop stick, etc) check all your seams and poke out your point.

5. Iron your heart. Shape it up and tuck under the opening and iron it making it even with the rest of the heart.

6. Stuff your heart. Use fluff or whatever you like. I used fluff combined with serger scraps.

7. Sew up the opening. I like to use a blanket stitch for this and I use doubled thread for a nice thick stitch. You could also use embroidery thread for this.

8. Fluff your heart and give it away! Give it to your valentine and feel the waves of appreciation and love roll over you…