Monday, June 23, 2008

Burgers new crayon pouch

Burger has been a mad man with the crayons lately, drawing lots and lots!( am I just thrilled or what)
I made this crayon pouch off a great tutorial off Nested . My friend babybolt gave me this link over a year ago. I made a few as gifts and altered the pattern to make all sorts of pouches , but burger is finally old enough for his own crayon pouch and he just loves taking all the crayons out. It is not exactly like the tutorial because I just sort of winged it . I got the awesome fabric at the Joannes humongous sale and came home and was just so inspired to just whip it up . I like to think the pouch inspired this Burger masterpiece
I forgot to take a photo of the pouch rolled up so instead... here is a cute burger pic in his chair his Donda gave him!


becks said...

bitchin'! save me a scrap of that fabric! excellent artwork burger!

Blue Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by today, Mama, it was nice to see you and little man!

Laura said...

love these!! and what super cute fabric. mmmmwah!

Juliet Morgan said...

oh! I'm so stealin' this idea! I might wait a year or two before I do it though-- I don't think Satya will be making art for a while.