Sunday, June 29, 2008

Market days... A look back at a hot June!

It was the hottest June I have seen In my 7 years in central Texas(have I been her 7 years?!!!)I am actually amazed that I have not completely melted away at my weekend gig at the farmers market and that I was able to brave every Saturday in June! So .... I am taking July 5th off and actually the first part of the week off and headin' down to Houston for a much belated (like 2 years)trip to spend time with my bff and burger's God mama. I will be taking 'Holiday'(hey- I watched "flushed away" like 15 times in a week) for the next week so the Belle and Burger shop (etsy and at the Market) We will be back up July 7Th.

********Some of June in review*************

~I got this beautiful new sign (thanks baps!!) a product of Sunsigns. They did a fantastic job

~I had some fun people stop by the market this month. I met this sweet gal from the bay area that mentioned me in her Weird Vegetables blog where their motto is..." Eat vegetables. weird ones. and other things we think you should do"
My sweet friends and en laws are always out showing their support

~Nanny got us this awesome new floor mat at the beginning of the month from my favorite outdoor store The Natural Gardener
It is 97% recycled plastic and as easy on the eyes as it is to hose down at the end of a dirty day at the pool or beach(if we ever went to the beach)

~The aprons have been getting lots of attention so as promised I will have an apron give away going up this weekend!
Anyway this is a bit scatterbrained I am a little sleepy and excited about my little holiday...Have a happy and safe 4Th of July , see you at the market; we will be back there July 12Th!


Kelly said...

I've been by your booth before and just love your aprons!

becks said...

You are so hardcore! My number one reason for not doing the market. Ugh the heat! So happy you are kicking so much ass there! Love the banner and all the new stuff. That half apron rules! So big congrats for sticking with it during the hottest June ever! Hope July is cooler.

Blue Mama said...

It WAS hot this past weekend...I've had to train my brain to not freak out at how sweaty I get during the summers here.

When we first got back to Texas it really bugged me, now I'm over it.

I love hot weather but, damn...this has been a doozy and it's just begun!

I heart that picture us! Have fun in Houston (your bff is purty!) and be safe and call me when you get back!

Thanks for dropping by today, the boys love their matching pencil/crayon holders!

Casa De Galletti said...

Wow! That totally shows me how busy The Market has been these last 3 months - I didn't even know that you were/are here/there! The kids and I work at the other end of The Market at Finca Pura Vida. Try to come by - they give vendors a discount.
Glad to see that business has been good!