Tuesday, November 4, 2008

halloween ( i know it was days ago)

On Halloween this year, I really put everything off till the last minute; because I have been on sort of a 'make' hiatus since the Faire( who am I kidding ...I always procrastinate)

First we went to Memee's and hung out with our cousin (strong man), Burger stayed for a few hours, while mama and Dada went to a party. They were both a little spooked by the trick or treaters and( I was spooked by our party host;see photo below) I made an elephant costume for him (what else for my L'fant freak). Daddy thought I should have been a little more realistic...oh well burger seem to really like it( he would not take it off..)This photo was taken on Monday he still wearing it, I just basted everything on so I could reuse the hoody for a Robot screen print(coming soon) but maybe we will get just another. Usually we have a big party at our house in celebration of Halloween and Dada's b-day this year it moved to Burger's God daddy's bachelor pad( because of my nagging little voice). Dada and I were Popeye and Olive Oly
Dada decided to hold my mama belly in the only clear shot. I scolded him later and he said well "well I was gonna grab your tits and I thought no I will grab her kitty and I thought No so I was stuck in between " I personally felt either would have been a better choice considering here I seem preggers...oh well gotta love the mama belly right?I like this photo better you know I like em blurry...hides the mama belly

~For Popeye's arms we used stockings, stuffed with batting and used xtra stuffing to make his bulges( in his arms ladies)...ooh lala

~I am really happy with this olive Oyl shirt This is definitely a new addition to my raglan repertoire. I altered my sporty jersey raglan pattern. I lengthed sleeves and made a bit of a boat neck with elastic lace at the neck and sleeves. I have lots of this elastic lace for my under garments sew I am pretty excited about having a new application for it

~I also hung with my gal pal

~The Morton salt girl.....cutey pie

~and a badmitten set minus the net( they made this themselves)

~one of my favs a plug and a receptacle
~ our rival Popeye and Olive ....arg

~And of course the scary host (even his lady was scared of him)

~After dropping me and burger off at home , Dada went back to get his birthday drink on(no driving) and most of the pictures (all 3 or 4 ) were like this~ our host trying to give away his implants.
oooooh scary....

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