Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love green gingham! and some new aprons

~I had a tiny piece(half a yard or so)of this green gingham. I made three aprons, bouncing off this sweet gingham.....The other apron not shown was the second version of a cross back apron design I have been working on . Somehow I forgot to photograph this apron. I think it was because I actually made it for myself (so I would photograph it later...right). I took lots of crazy chances and used some favorite irreplaceable vintage fabric, it was a little shorter and made to be used as a craft apron ... BUT the market was slow Saturday and I really like the gal who wanted my lil is a little embarrassing really! I cannot believe I took no photos of it ~pine pine pine......

~ anyway this is the first version of the Tie-less apron
It has a cross over back. .... it has all kinds of little flaws but the fit is good and I like the pockets a lot .I also love the vintage edging I used ...I just love this tape that my Cinda found for me......She has the sharpest eye and terrific taste(she also supplied many of my buttons and the beautiful rose table cloth I used in several aprons seen here today....thanks cinda)

~This apron was made later and echos some of the design ideas from the lil' treasure apron, but it is a half style and would move smoothly from the kitchen to the Kraft room. This is an apron design I have been thinking of for my self (although this particular one is not for me).

...the skirt is an embroidered linen(lalalalaove it)

....I used the tiny bit of green gingham I had left to make the ties.I found the beautiful rose button amongst my new vintage buttons and thought it made the perfect little "belt" buckle for the skinny ties waist.
....the rose button echos the pretty rose on the pouch style, three panel pocket .... I really love this apron. I have been wanting to make some simpler aprons with skinny ties.

~I made this one with the tiniest scrap of that farm table cloth I use for several aprons last spring. ....pretty Czech glass button

......the very last scrap...So long little farm. You are loved
~I also made this chili lady apron. ....It uses all new fabrics... and some cool vintage buttons from my replenished stash.
....I think it is a sass-a -frass, cowboy eye catching, lil' #

~So I am trying to set up a new online store and having a heck of a time trying to figure out what will work for me. I am trying out typepad for a little, but I am not excited about the store thru paypal option. tell me what you think it is here.

Another option is using Big cartel. That is what I have added to this site at the top right. This is their free version so I had to sort of jank up a store front that I created using a flickr slideshow. If I were to actually go this route I would (hopefully) have a better (More accessible storefront) as well as have more photos of each item. Anywho, any and all feedback is desperately sought. All this cyber research, has got this crazy southern belle as confused as Georgia swamp gator in an Alabama lake


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are on a roll! I love your cross-over aprons! The first is my favorite. The sleeve caps on down the page are a darling addition.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the apron with the farm house on it. As well as the criss cross one! I love the way you throw together fabric and always make something wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the cap sleeve shirt! Gorgeous! Where did you get the cherry fabric?