Tuesday, February 24, 2009

standing still

~We have been just maintaining around here. Daddy has been working nonstop. We had no weekend and he has been gone most nights. I am grateful he has work , but really we just miss him. Daddy is my best friend and provides me with my production breaks. He is also the balance that keeps my multitasking tendencies from spinning into a crazy mess. Well obviously by the looks of this photo the mess has fallen all over my bed room.

...reading time
~One productive thing I have done in the past week is get contacts. I consider myself a "person who wears glasses". I have had glasses since the the third grade . But with my crazy headaches and the Texas sun it is nice sometimes to get the weight off. I had let my contact prescription expire last summer. So I visited my friendly optometrist and they set me free.
And now a few snapshots of our lonely week...

~Burger misses his hard working daddy.

...and burger can wash his hands!!!


alittlebitofscrap said...

no kids yet, but being the first of five, I totally sympathize (in regard to the mess :) My dh is my best fried too!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about "maintaining" around the house. My man works not stop it seems and we can never get enough of him.

And your lil' burger, I just want to kiss his sweet lil' cheeks!

Anonymous said...

My husband works alot too. Which I am grateful for because I get to stay home with the boys. It is nice when he is home because it is a mental break. I love the drawing your son made. Very cute.