Monday, June 15, 2009

The Shift

" when things do not feel right, make a shift" Jessica my yoga instructor 2 weeks ago

~Things are feeling kinda sludge like round here in central Texas. The weather we have been enduring this early summer is more like July and August not May and June. I usually shift down into a slower mode but it is a little harder to make the change so quickly. I have been struggling with whether or not I want to keep our market booth, because the summer is darn near unbearable. We have not been out to the market in almost 2 months, I am sure there is more to it than the heat but either way I have been in limbo about it.~ I find when I am undecided about one thing it affects everything else causing everything to sort of stall out( like my serger currently being serviced). So I am trying to make a shift into a more determined and comfortable position. We shall see
~We will probably do the market maybe 3 times this summer(once every 6 weeks or so). Then when the weather breaks in the fall we can step it up if we like.SinceI will not be at the market so much I decided to head over to Parts and Labor on south congress and peddle my Belle and Burger goods.
~ As usual Lazelle was warm and enthusiastic about my clothes. She always gives great feedback and boosts my confidence. When I first started sewing clothes to sell ( about 5 years ago) I sold out of parts and labor. They have relocated into a larger store and it is quite lovely !

~This kind of shift....I made a new dress pattern from a summer tunic shirt I got last year. I decide to make it a sheet dress the first time around. I made it sleeveless(the tunic had little cap puffy sleeves) and I added a scrappy wrap belt..... From my brooch stash I pulled this sweet little bicycle number and added it to the ensemble because it went perfectly with the shift and the belt. ~My sweet pal Blue Mama decided she needed to add the shift to her wardrobe. She makes it look super sassy and cute with her black cowgirl boots! This photo was a lil' impromptu bloggers meet at my house( very fun) It is Mama Sings the Blues(center in the shift) and Crazy Texas Mama (left)and me Belle and burger(right).

A sweet southern trio like Dolly, Emmy lou. and Linda, (How do you like that CTM, a dolly comparison ....are we friends forever now?)


Candance said...

OMG, we totally would've been anyway, but now we way are!! It's my birth mama!! I think I'm tearing up a little!

alittlebitofscrap said...

The shift is adorable and thanks for the link, I enjoyed the music!

Blue Mama said...

OMG I'm freaking out, that picture is SO ADORABLE. I love this blog post! (and I love the shift, I wear it ALL THE TIME!)

We are such a sweet little Southern trio! :) Love you, ladies!!!!