Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank the Lord it rained in Austin

~Last night in Austin we had quite a rumble in the skys . It only lasted about an hour but the sky dumped quite a bit of rain on central Texas. I love walking through the garden the morning after a good rain.~The lakes are all down so I have been keeping the watering to a bare minimum to stay alive.
Once going the tomatoes and the okra can carry on with once a week of deep watering

okra with stewed tomatoes one of my favorite summer sides....I will share my recipe later
but I am fearful we are gonna loose our beans, cukes, and summer squash soon. I am gonna try frying some blossoms with the tender baby squash whole. I have seen a recipe for this but it is alluding me right now.
...With the crazy triple digits (temp wise)we are in the middle of ;A big water dump will help keep our little gardens going a bit longer.

~I don't know a thing about corn, but we planted some because Burger wanted to. The corn has been quite magical with its crazy alien tops and all the lady bugs that have taken up residence in its tops..... but now,I think we have an actual piece of corn in there

speaking of little aliens in the garden....
~On a final note I have a few pest questions. Can anyone tell me what these mini beasts are called? are they bad? we are havin' the darnedest time figuring it out...
Also the squirrels are getting my green tomatos any remedies ? I am might have to get me a pellet gun ...the tomatoes are that important!!(although my shot is pretty bad)


Steph said...

I've got those little red baby bugs too. I think they are related to giant wheel bugs, so hopefully they are just as beneficial. Fingers crossed!

I've been out of town for a week now, so I'm really looking forward to having a bounty when I get home tomorrow.

alittlebitofscrap said...

I don't know the first thing about bugs, but I like stewed tomatoes and fried okra together and I like stewed yellow squash. While I was down in Missip' I had an abundance of it... Love the stufff!

Deb said...

I think I found out what your bugs are_ leaf footed bugs.If this is what they are, you definitely want to get rid of them. Go to this link to learn more.

Deb said...

It's me again, just wanted to add that your harvested veggies look yummy and the little cutie amongst the corn is just the sweetest!