Thursday, April 22, 2010

40 years and a winner

Happy 40Th Earth Day...(?!)

~ Some Earth Day relations....If you missed the American Experience ; The seeds of a Revolution ; which included, a history of the American environmental movement by Robert Stone, on PBS this week you should check it out....Oh Jimmy Carter why did we go so wrong. I love that Georgia peanut farmer

' "In part, said Robert Stone, a independent documentary filmmaker whose history of the American environmental movement is being broadcast on public television this week, the movement has been a victim of its own success in clearing up tangible problems with air and water. But that is just part of the problem, he noted."“Every Earth Day is a reflection of where we are as a culture,” he said. “If it has become commoditized, about green consumerism instead of systemic change, then it is a reflection of our society.'newyorktimes 4/22/10

Also the graphic novel, As The World Burns, by Derrick Jensen and Illustrated by Stephanie McMillan, was a quite satisfying Earth Day week read. Another cool book I got via Austin public libraries this week was Creative Recycling in Embroidery. It takes a look at some quite beautiful ephemeral art pieces and sort of tells you how to make your own, an interesting take on a how-to book.

And now the contest. Thanks to all who entered the Eco smart giveaway!!! The Random Number generator picked # 8; which was Blue Mama. Congrats Blue Mama hope it helps with all your hard work in your new garden.

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