Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buffy and the wild flower revolution

We have had a nasty cold virus up in here for weeks it seems. Burger started school about 3 weeks back (part time) and had to miss the second week because of it. I thought I was super mom and immune but low and behold I have been completely taken out of the game( weak The wire reference). Anyway I had big plans to get up a floral tea towel tutorial in time for all ya'll to make them for mothers day (sneak peak photo) but... Kg put his foot down yesterday and told me to SLEEP. So I layed in bed and watched most of the first and half of the second season of Buffy....Oh yeah and I slept some too.
So I will post my tea towel tutorial later this week and instead sprinkle this post with central Texas wild flowers and the skirts they have inspired.
We have had banner year as far as the wild flowers go here in central Texas. The most beautiful I have seen them in my 10 years in Texas(I cannot believe I have been here just 7 months shy of a decade). Burger and I have been driving around snapping photos in all directions. Spring floral explosions have always filled me with urgent inspiration. In the Georgia it was always the wild dogwoods EVERYWHERE, and in South Carolina the azaleas were just crazy beautiful.
But in central Texas the Bluebonnets are the belles... and the Indian paint brushes ain't nothing to forget about either. I have been inspired by the shapes and the colors and the utter abundance and explosiveness of these beautiful fields of flowers. I took photos and drew for a couple weeks then I just sort of went at it. The towels I will show in the tutorial later are all from this train of inspiration and they are probably the best in my mind. About half way through the skirts I came across a bluebonnet quilt from the 1930's in a library book on Texas quilts ( and shame on me I cannot give reference...I will correct) . I used this as inspiration for the style of the Indian paintbrush flowers here... Anyway I am rambling in my NyQuil haze so I will go to bed..... nitenite


two vegan boys said...

Your skirts are so beautiful. I am going to have to save up some money to buy one someday. Lovely!

Lo Christine said...

Beautiful flowers! I hope you all get to feeling better.

By the way, I am a huge Buffy fan too, definitely a good way to spend your sick time:)

Alex said...

Lovely! And I enjoyed the little peek into your "process." I just went out the other day in search of bluebonnets to plop Zoe in for some photos, but I couldn't find ANY! I guess I just missed them, and I'm kicking myself!

Cari said...

Did you ever post your tea towel tutorial? I would love to see it. Your sewing is fantastic!