Monday, June 28, 2010

First summer panty making party; done and FUN!!!

Well, last Thursday I had my first panty making party and it was such a blast. Really I think everyone repeated, " how much fun are we having?", several times....which thrilled me to the core! Also everyone left with a knew pair of skivvies (except blue mama who had to and leave early). During the all of the excitement I almost forgot to take photos(for shame) but pulled a few out near the end. Thanks so much to all you lovely lasses who came over ...I will be offering another on July 25th ; so be looking for that info soon. I also want to thank bra components again for such a lovely box of goodies from which we trimmed out our fabulous undies. Everyone was thrilled with all the colors and styles of trim we had to choose from.


Unknown said...

Bet it was a lot of fun!

Aiyana Sphere said...

I wish ALL my pantys were Bell&Burger pantys! I shoulda saved my T-shirt collection for you instead of giving it to someone to make a quilt out of them-2 YEARS AGO. waah wahhh

Tamonster said...

the "Texas Muscle" underwear are AMAZING!!