Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lucky #13....We have a winner!!!

~I have to say this was my favorite giveaway I have ever done! It was such an inspiration to read all the great reasons that you all are moved to make things.... I am so thankful to all of you for you lovely bits that you told me about yourselves!!
The random # generated 13. That was Rachel who's answer to my question;
"why you love to make things?" was....

"Mostly I love to make things for other people. I love to see their faces when they see what I made just for them. Then later, when you see that they are really using what you have made for them, that's the best. Like the stuffed bunny I made for my three year old a couple weeks ago. He takes it everywhere. Sleeps with it and even tried to put it in the bath with him. When people see it and ask him about it, he very proudly says that his momma made it. Besides, I have to do something with all my energy! It drives my family crazy that the only time I sit down is when I am sewing or driving.
P.S. I thoroughly enjoy your blog!"...Rachel

I really loved all the answers but here are 3 more of my faves.....

"I feel happiest when I'm creating
and when I'm making things with my hands, collecting and using supplies and tools, knowing I'm using and reusing supplies and materials around me instead of always buying new. expressing my own vision of my world, and adding that to the world I share. I make things to share what I know, the skills I have are crafty, I teach others how to make things by showing them. I encourage others to create things and share things themselves."....Sweet Tooth Crafts

"I make things because I have to be creative in some way everyday. And I want to inspire others to be creative too, because I believe everybody needs to find their way to be creative in life. It doesn't have to be art and craft. It can be cooking, baking, sports and other things as long as it feels meaningful, gives you energy and a way to express who you are. :-) "Stina / Sagolikt Pyssel

"I love to make things because I want my ideas to be real! I love being able to have an idea and see how it plays out, and see how other people interpret the same types of inspiration. "Anna

Thanks again for a great giveaway!

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