Monday, August 16, 2010

For The Bee Keepers Baby and more

~I recently had a custom order for a onesie for a beekeepers baby!!FUNFUN....I decided to do a bee applique' and to embroider the bouncing boys name on it as well. I used all re purposed fabrics in the bee design, that I tried to make as sweet and simple as I could. I usually dye my appliqued onesies but I was having a tough time deciding on a dye color this time. I decide to do a tea stain to give it a "honey " look. I was pleased as peach pie with the results and decided to do a little tea dye for a shirt of my own that I have been wanting to "make-over". I will share the tea dye process with you when I post my shirt"makeover post".

~A few bits of on the side....

I made this bag for myself as a practice for a humming bird design I was interested in cooking up. The bag is basically the Fabric Scrap Collage attached to the Halloween tote tutorial.
It had been at least a week or two since I was allowed to sit at the machine when I made this bag and it felt good to make something just for me to use everyday. ~Sometimes when I am down in the dumps, I try to just focus on each day and that is what this little bag was for me. A bag to get back to normal daily routines with. The fabric for the tote was all re purposed; the liner and front stripe are from a pillow case and the outside was a pristine vintage score. The colors whisper of the coming fall months.... that seem to take forever to appear in central Texas.
I am thinking of having a sewing party making these little totes just in time for the new South Austin Twin Oaks library re- opening. Wanna come?

(ps~I have had a tender summer due to the loss of a pregnancy, I was just not so much up to posting but I am feeling the healing and am hoping to be getting back to the inspiration. Thanks to so many that have sent me sweet thoughts and wishes....luv u to bitz)


Alex said...

What a cute onesie! And I really love the tea-dyeing effect. I recently tried to get a nice, light shade with fabric dye, something I'd never tried before, but found it hard to get it as light as I wanted--this is perfect! Plus kind of nice that it's just tea, so no dye chemicals. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. A close friend of mine had a miscarriage not too long ago and found a particular book helpful, "About What Was Lost: Twenty Writers on Miscarriage, Healing, and Hope." I ended up reading it, too, and found it sad, happy, and enlightening.

belle said...

i had done tea staining with papaer but for some reason not fabric!? I think it looks so warm and soft. It was actually darker than my paper,which I was very pleased about.
Thanks so much for the book recomendation, This was my second lost pregnancy( one b4 burger) but It was mmuch more difficult.

Aiyana Sphere said...

LOVE it soooo Chas-it will be purrfect for widdle Arlo when he comes...Anna's having a rough one at the moment so I'm shure your hand crafted love will be a apprecated. I can hardly wait to see my skirts xoxo yani

mainely stitching said...

((((hugs)))) I do so deeply sympathize with your loss. Give yourself time to grieve and heal.

I love your onesie with the bee - how cute!!! :D Great job!