Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New bits in my shop

~I have been adding some of my stock to the shop this week. Like these lovely pin cushions made from vintage quilt squares.
This small one has a juice cap as the base.

I also added these sassy Texas undies.

These cotton hipster bikini hybrids are my idea of pure comfort . They are a size 5-6. The back panel reads "Texas Muscle"in white on a navy blue background and was cut from a reclaimed Tshirt. The front is super soft new navy and white pinstriped jersey knit. The waist is finished with a soft aqua lace to give these Tom Boy undies a little feminine touch. The thigh holes are finished with a comfortable navy fold over elastic.

~There are oodles of fun kids appliqued items like this cowboy onesie

This is a rough and tumble hand died blue onesie. The front features a reclaimed image of a couple of cowhands, taking a load off, by the fence post. The size is 6-9 months.

There is also this sweet onsie with a hungry chic and an unlucky worm
This 3t t-shirt has a lovely vintage fabric calico print kitty under a blue bird moon.

A rodeo cowboy dresses up the back side of this reclaimed pocketT size 18 months.

I will be adding some ladies clothing but I will keep you posted.

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imperfectly natural mama said...

Oooh funky pin cushions and nice applique.