Monday, January 31, 2011

a beautiful day

~I wanted to share some very lovely thoughts and photos from this weekend's market. belle and burger spent a little over a year at the 08-09 Sunset valley Farmers Market and although we loved it we took quite a bit of time off for the next year. During that year our Market relocated to Barton springs mall parking lot. This move kinda horrified me (THE MALL!!)
I could not even really think of going the mall. However, after kindling an inspiring friendship with my booth buddy, Cabbage moon, I started thinking of returning. We decided to give it a try around Christmas, I am thrilled to now admit I was terribly wrong. I love the cozier feel of the market in its new location. It has a lovely view of the Austin skyline and it is so far removed from the mall traffic that all the mall seems to do is block the crazy winds that tended to whip up every Saturday at Sunset Valley.

For the spring belle and burger plans on being out there every weekend.(barring inclement weather... btw it is now spring in austin...) I will post here our plans by the week. Once the summer heat sets in we will probably do the first and last Saturday of the month. I hope to see y'all out there !

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Alex said...

Nice post! Agreed about the market having a cozier feel in its new spot. I'm really enjoying our time there together!