Thursday, January 6, 2011

hey love

~I am feeling the love this year.. ALREADY~my sweet man and me spent our new years day- date night messin' round the house
(nowwwwww... making it all homey like...getch y'alls mind outta the gutter) and he put one of my all time favorite albums on our computer for me...cuz he's my hey love

~So I thought I would share some of the love I have been gettin' and givin' this short year

first I have this, my sister love handmade birthday gift parcel ... My sweeet sis is a big city WOMAN .....
and city women need clutches right? so it included this feather clutch,and a framed humming bird collage...she is my sweeet humming bird inspiration
And a sister love card...The outside image echoed the quote insideA sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double. ~Toni Morrison

~Some more love came my way with a custom order for a Maine coastal skirt " like the one she saw at Flatbread company on a waitress"

This here is a mobile picture, of that skirt, from said waitress, one of my favorite ladies on this earth
(the client loves Maine and misses it because she had to move)That skirt, so very suggestive of the Maine landscape, was made with LOVE for my friend. The fabric was from a sheet, that is rumored to have been the sheets in Annie hall. The bird was appliqued after my friend pranced outside in her new skirt and instantly burnt a tiny hole in it from a cigarette ember.....ahhh love the process of art. Also I made it like 2 years ago and believe it or not there is not a trace scrap of it anywhere near my stash. So I set out to re-create that beautiful landscape scene on that lovely Annie Hall sheet...
I was pretty thrilled with the whole project and the finished piece...I even added a little bird

Hope she loves it like me....

Speaking of hey love , I wanted to give a peep of the start of my new tattoo,the roses will be
Harrison's Yellow Rose..... Rosa 'Harrison's Yellow', puts on a spectacular show each June as the bright yellow flowers cascade from long, arching canes amid the aroma of licorice. The soft grayish-green foliage has a delicate appearance that belies this rose's durability and tenacity. These roses were first started from a plant over a century old at the bottom of Bailey Hill. Budded. A true American old rose, this sunny flower was so popular that pioneer women routinely took cuttings to carry with them across the wilderness to their new homes in the west. This rose is very prone to suckering and will spread well outside of it's boundaries. A very tough and prickly rose, it is a once bloomer and is sometimes referred to as the Yellow Rose of Texas.
I love that quote ...nerd. Um and the needle and belle and heart thread and stitching....well I just love it-

-I am completely in love with it and the artist Stacy martin,(she is a beautiful, sensitive genius) of the fabulous Dove Tail Tattoo; Located here in Austin. Stacy will be tattooing and selling her lovely prints at the 9Th annual Star of Texas Tattoo Convention, this weekend in Austin.
However Stacy also has a online shop where you can buy her prints anytime. They really are inspired you should take a peek!I think this is the one for me.
I cannot wait for my next session!!
~hey loves ..... happy new year!


imperfectly natural mama said...

Tattoo is fab, I love it.

Anonymous said...


Mindy said...

I adore the skirt! How amazing!

Mindy said...

I adore the skirt! How amazing!

carmen said...

that chest piece looks beautiful! i love how its off to the side and has everything that you love. needle. thread. i love to colors so far and am a sucker for hearts :)

i found you via sewmamasew. keep up the great work its truely inspiring!