Wednesday, February 9, 2011

total denial..spring is coming soon

~So today we had frozen raindrops on the car. It was 49 at midnight; 44 at 4am; and now it is just noon and it is 21 out side. I know it is much colder in many places but was it 6o yesterday there? and also I do not have a winter coat....So I am gonna maintain my total denial and coast on into the spring that I know is just around the corner here in Central Texas! I will be at the market on Saturday because it will be 65 on mantra
Until then we will keep sewing, drawing, making snowmen
and snow ice cream...
BODY ART ~burger has spent the last week covered in body art just like this( those are "meat feet" )
I am busy sewing up a Lil storm ...working on this custom adorned vintage coat. something old and blue for my lovely bride to be.
I am also fully in spring mode making these tiny skirts ..a custom variation on a longer design
i also made these~ "arm warmers that units might have sold", had they sold arm warmers
so I will see y'all at the market ...i will be loaded down with pretty things to wear and sweet things to give on valentines

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Angie said...

I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing when I read that you don't have a winter coat. I have 3. One for playing in the snow with my girls, one for everyday, and one for going out with my man. It was 6 degrees here yesterday and the inside of my nose froze shut when I went to get the mail. But trust me, I am ready for Spring just as much as you are.