Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I dressed you up like a girl when you were little.

I will be able to say that to burger now and here are the photos to prove it. I made little Aleena a jumper dress and Burger had to model it before it was sent. I figured papa would growl but he just said, "you should have put tights on him". It was too late for tights however, the birthday dress was on its way to Cali. I used butternick B4841 and an olive green fat cord with contrasting jelly bean flannel. The buttons were my first real buttons with machined holes.So needless to say the button holes took me almost as long as the jumper( including time worrying about messing up the jumper with wack job button holes). I wish I had added pockets now(all toddlers need pockets ,right?) I also made her this green hat to match.


jgomula said...

And she totally LOVES IT!!!

Laura said...

oh man, i hope i have a girl just so i can beg you to make her on of these!

Juliet Morgan said...

darling! the jumper is too.