Saturday, April 12, 2008

I heart romance

me and daddy made a getaway for our 3 year anniversary.

It was truly wonderful and I have beautiful hill country wildflower photos to prove it.

Thank you donda cinda and paps for making it all possible, we love you dearly. Here are a few more of my favorite photos for our little trip. We were in Wimberly, Texas at a B & B called Southwind . It was very secluded and simply perfect for our excursion. The cabin (we had our own)was nestled in the hill country woods and looked like it was made from the cedar they cleared for the cabin lot.

I wore a special skirt I made for our afternoon drive up there
The beginning of sunset, on a field, down the wrong road...
cypress creek in downtown Wimberly.... so pretty ,and the weather was perfect( I am even wearing jeans)


Blue Mama said...

I love all these pictures!! It's so gorgeous there, I'm glad ya'll were able to get away and recharge!
That skirt is adorable and so are your cowboy boots!!
We had a great time last night, thanks so much for having us!!!!

Tina said...

I have been thinking of wimberly a lot this spring. Those pics are super! Need to get out there**

Average Jane Crafter said...

I wore a special skirt I made for our afternoon drive up there

Honey, you are a girl after my own heart! I love it! A skirt for the drive!? That's fabulous!

So glad to have connected with a fellow Austin Crafty gal. :)