Thursday, July 10, 2008

playing Ketchup

So we had a great time in Houston...
burger can't stop asking for layla and jee....(but jee has to come to Austin soon so burger does not forget again! Thanks jolene for you gracious hospitality we lalalaloveyou.)

The drive was not as much fun as these photos portray . Homemade drawing board from lonestar box quite nifty!

It was nearly 4 hours each way ; yes I said four hours and we had some car sickness on the way home.Not really fun for either of us. No more belle and burger solo trips in the car for at least a year..but live and learn.

We came home in time for the fourth and dada surprised us by taking the day off! YAY!!! Fun times at the sprinkler park at lady bird lake(town lake). Unfortunately I have been wraslin' migraines all week (all year it seems)and have been trying to get caught up on the belle and burger restock and order list. I did manage to get the finished giveaway apron and it is a cutey . I will post it tomorrow .

(yes, jolene I added this photo with my Braves hat to create baseball fan balance.... )

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Michele P. said...

Oh man, migraines! I take fioricet for mine, but find Excedrin migraine works as an over the counter thing. The heat, sun sure seem to trigger them for me-and with you bein' in TX it is HOT there! I am going to be headed to San Antonio in late August and hopefully won't get a migraine. I feel your pain, really I do. Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be back to visit yours too! Take it easy and I hope you don't get any more migraines for a long time!