Tuesday, July 22, 2008

honky tonk angels

Here we are ...

well in 2 photos we forgot to let someone take a shot of the four "angels"

We took my Cali transplant out for a honkytonk celebration of her recent completion of masters!

Always a dancing good time we hit the Sunday night showing of Heybale at our local Continental Club.
I do believe we all agreed it was quite a hoot and each of the ladies were led around the dance floor several times!
I have to mention that I have always found the gentlemen of the Sunday night Heybale shows to be very sweet and gentle leads even if their dance partner is a little skiddish or out of practice.
(OK he is not one of them)

Cali even snapped a few -20 photos of our little adventure ! You can see her here with the one she referred to lovingly as the "pedophile".I have to say my favorite dance of the night was "Just walk on by...wait on the corner"

I do love Mr. smooth...Jim reeves

It was a much earlier evening than I would have had years ago but a much later one than I am used to now ...
Until next time girls ;thanks for the good times!
and thanks Cali or all the embarrassing photos(some posted some not)

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Is The Armadillo still open?