Friday, July 18, 2008

New Goodies at this weekends market

I have quite a few new things at the market this weekend that I am excited about. First this wrap skirt in a sea foam green linen

It has an applique made from this gorgeous fabric called "sketch Book" by Anna maria Horner.
I finally used a true rolled hem on this wrap and I really am liking the way it turned out.
I also really like the serger thread I put on the second half of the week(pictured in the rolled hem). Daddy called it maze; I thought that was a good description I really like where the color of my serger thread takes me sometimes . For example this bag
that also has a swatch appliqued from Ms.Horner's collection. I think this thread color has a good late summer(hahahahaha late summer in Texas is more like Oct1rst)early fall feel.and no matter how hot it is I start moving towards fall colors in late July and august. Hey what can I say I'm a color whore. I love em' and leave em' The bag has an interior pocket as well as an exterior pocket This fabric I used for the bag- was sort of recycled from a defunct maternity dress I made that was too big in the belly(?) and too small in the boobies I wore it once or twice when I was about 5 months pregnant( not too useful or comfortable) . I bought the fabric at Silk Road
moons ago...such a beautiful store far north.

Anyway I also made these cute shorts(well I made them last week but just photographed them this week) They are too cute with little bugs hiding in a field of camo.
I also made these cutey pie barrettes that I am so in love with making!!!

I am working up a tutorial on these babies cause sista, they are super duper EZ and fun to make! But that is next weeks fun times....hopefully, OK give me a couple of weeks.I still have a pantie tutorial That I a have promised the gals at cut out and keep
Oh yeah I cut my( and burgers and Dada's) hair this week I heart scissors
Burgers was a joint effort between mama and dada(this is mine pre-cut...dadas is cut though , he likes it short!


Blue Mama said...

Look at you, sassafrass!!! I heart everything, especially the skirt!!! (is that for K or another one?)

Maybe one day we should do a knitted plastic purse for a wrap skirt....

I may see you tomorrow...

Unknown said...

you are one hot smokin momma! your haircut looks so great...

Laura said...

you're looking goooorgeous lady! and i love all of your new works. that skirt is DIVINE! will u please post some of these things on etsy so someone stuck in virginia could buy it please!!
xoxo miss you so