Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From the garden and beyond...

~Well we have been fighting a summer cold 'round here for a few weeks . First burger than daddy then burger again! ...and all this sickness right in the middle of the swine flu scare. So needless to say blogging time has been a little scarce. But today we have not had a fever and are in much better spirits. ~I have been meaning to post a little about our summer garden's progress, so we a re a little beyond these photos now but what the HEY,. These photos are from the past few weeks.

~ Here we have little decorating in the garden, makes it fun for all.
... the first tomatoes guarded closely by the brain.... Bush beans are such spunky little seedlings!... We also have sweet corn, cukes, okra, and an assortment of late summer lovin' flowers, all seen in this blurry rainy photo~ It has been raining steadily for a few days(good for the garden...not the sick burger), so we have been staying inside, painting,
....photographing and trying not to go to crazy.
~ more sick days photos
...Daddy took this beautiful photo of the leek flower we had from our market leeks.
...This cut from a Lantana, came from a plant that popped up in the back yard all by itself.
... My good ol' boys.

....rarely seen, but heard quite often.

...This is one of my early sewing pieces, they are at least 12 years old . My Dad's old lures encased in lace and tulle....random I know but I love them, and often forget them


Jennifer said...

Hope ya'll get better quick like! Your garden is so awesome. We could use some of that rain here. :)

Anonymous said...

The garden looks terrific. Sorry to hear about Burger being sick. Baby Adam has a cold so we are living as if we are hermits. Trying to stay indoors as much as possible until he gets better. He is my kid that requires a nebulizer if he gets worse. Ugh. And like you said in the midst of all the swine flu. Hope you and the family have a wonderful week.

Krys and the boys

alittlebitofscrap said...

I had the GI flu last week.. so I know how you guys must be hurting! Yikes! I hope you all get to feeling better soon :)

The garden is adorable. My parents never let us play with our food... You have one lucky Burger ;)

Angie said...

Your garden looks awesome! I'm thinking of getting into a little bit of gardening, I love tomatoes and peppers.

Hope you guys all get better, it always breaks my heary when my little ones are sick.

judy said...

I hope y'all are feeling better already. Your garden looks wonderful...you did a great job laying it out. We're a little behind you...no tomatoes, just blooms.

anniebelle said...

Cute kid, cute projects, cool garden =great blog.


Shorty said...

Love your garden! And, yes we're getting tons of rain around here, too. Hope you guys get rid of that cold for good and start feeling better!

Laura said...

merle look JUST LIKE YOU in that picture of him smiling on the couch!! mmmmmmwwwah!!

Shorty said...

Check out my Friday post to see your award. Have a great weekend!