Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My new Frock

~I miss all those sweet, cotton dresses I thrifted through the '90s; that were made in the '50s, and had made hot, humid, southern, summers bearable for at least one other lady besides myself. They were the softest cotton; washed time and time again bleached and softened by the long summer days...and where they are now escapes me.... Maybe that is why I am so into making clothing out of thrifted(vintage?)cotton sheets right now.

~ So here she is my new spring frock . This is my second attempt to get this dress pattern to my liking. I am definitely happy with it however I lost a little of the skirt flow in this rendition .

.... I think I will add that back in and be pleased as pie with it.(into the pattern, not this dress)~Once again I used fold over elastic around the top and then flattened FOE for the empire-ish waist.
~ I used serger scraps (from this dress)for the straps. and I just love the fragile, delicate look of them( although they are suprisingly sturdy). I also love that they are not exactly the same..... and ruched the bodice with just a piece of elastic lace in the center.~ For the front bodice piece I used a scrap of some green polka dots and lined the bodice with some of the sheet that the dress is made of.(no bra!)

...And the back is two pieces sewn up the center. Maybe some darts next time


Jennifer Perkins said...

This is so super cute! I just saw some adorable deer sheets on Etsy that would be rad as a dress. Also I keep thinking about wanting to make Tallulah a dress out of a pillowcase it would be funny if I had the matching sheet dress.

Tamonster said...


Candance said...

That is so cute! I have blue and green terry cloth Jessica Simpson flip flops that would be adorable with that!

Shorty said...

I love it! Each time I read about your thrifted creations I want to dash out and try to do the same. I don't have enough courage yet. I did make it to the thrift store not too long ago, but I couldn't find anything that I knew what to do with. Someday I'll try something, I'm sure. Until then, your stuff is very inspiring and I admire all of it!

Angie said...

Super hot! I've been trying to crank out some skirts/dresses for my girls and was successful. Sadly, not so successful for myself but I'm still working away at it.

Rebecca said...

So cute!